portland living: mr & mrs prince

There’s nothing my husband and I love more than a ridiculous photo booth. The full photo booth collection will be a blog post one day. But in the meantime some hot, polar bear booth action from the holiday party. The dress code was posh and I just couldn’t resist going all out. Like my 3 year old princess I wanted something white, floor length, good for spinning around in and ridiculously sparkly. Actually, what I really wanted was to wear a wedding dress again. If my wedding dress was even close to fitting me I think I would have worn it. Instead this beaut was hired from Hollywood Vintage. $40 for the night. $80 for keeps. Have you seen the amount of white on the dress? Just think of the liability. One red wine in I decided to keep it regardless. Worth every penny. One of the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn. I felt royal. The hair was back combed (back from the grave) and stayed upright for the whole weekend. By Sunday night I was tying it back with a clothes peg. But you don’t need to know those details. All you need to know is that for this one night I was regal. In the arms of a gorgeous, tall, blond and handsome Prince.


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