portland living: American Dreamers

A wonderful poster designed by Mr. Prince as part of the American Dreamers project (the husband is getting a lot of blog love tonight, perhaps because he is currently enjoying a “mancation”) . 50 dreams in one sweet book from makesharpstuff.com. Dr Zubrin reminds us why humans must travel to Mars; Cindy Gallop offers a real world alternative to porn; Stan Lee calls for heroes; and Arianna Huffington banishes old media gods. From cooking to space travel, from sex to running, it’s a mixture of projects, schemes, and blueprints for brighter futures. Twitter: @makesharpstuff

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portland living: mr & mrs prince

There’s nothing my husband and I love more than a ridiculous photo booth. The full photo booth collection will be a blog post one day. But in the meantime some hot, polar bear booth action from the holiday party. The dress code was posh and I just couldn’t resist going all out. Like my 3 year old princess I wanted something white, floor length, good for spinning around in and ridiculously sparkly. Actually, what I really wanted was to wear a wedding dress again. If my wedding dress was even close to fitting me I think I would have worn it. Instead this beaut was hired from Hollywood Vintage. $40 for the night. $80 for keeps. Have you seen the amount of white on the dress? Just think of the liability. One red wine in I decided to keep it regardless. Worth every penny. One of the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn. I felt royal. The hair was back combed (back from the grave) and stayed upright for the whole weekend. By Sunday night I was tying it back with a clothes peg. But you don’t need to know those details. All you need to know is that for this one night I was regal. In the arms of a gorgeous, tall, blond and handsome Prince.


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twist list: shawn clover

The first great discovery of the week has been Anthology Magazine via Justina Blakeney. Which then led me to Shawn Clover’s 1906 Earthquake series. Shawn layers original photos of the devastation caused by the 1906 SF earthquake with its modern day counterpart. I can’t get the first picture of the felled horses out of my mind. It’s biblical, horrific & hauntingly beautiful. Shawn spent days in each of these locations with a perfectly aligned camera to capture just the right light to allow for the meticulousness and drama of these photos.

Images via Shawn Clover’s 1906 + Today Part I and Part II

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portland living: christmas wonderland

Every once in a while I get to walk into work on a Monday morning and be immediately reminded why I love my job. (I know that I am very lucky to feel this way). These incredible Christmas decorations were this Monday’s reason. A wall of pine cones! A life-sized nutcracker! Giant cross stitch on one of those tool hanging boards (what are those things called?) – I will definitely be stealing that idea. And if I had sticky fingers the lace doily lights would be making an appearance at our home this Christmas. Thanks to the happy elves in our amazing studio – including my husband – who has let me know that he is responsible for at least one line of white wool on the steely/ woolen Christmas trees.

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a peek inside: brooklyn to west

I am in love with Ariele’s work, home and life. I can think of nothing that would me happier than getting my hands dirty  in that beautiful studio of hers. Also loving the dedication to pink nails regardless of the messy hand-graft. Visit her gorgeous store here.


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mrs print’s picks: la casita de wendy

What better way to mark the cozy, Thanksgiving spirit than with this gorgeous “Mountain” collection from Madrid designers La Casita de Wendy. This is the unexpected magic that happens with an architect and a philosopher turn their hands to clothes design. You can read more about their inspiring story here.

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smile pile

I saw this years ago and the simplicity of it has always stuck in my mind. I couldn’t find the original source folks. Do any of you know it?

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mrs print’s picks: yokoo

Thanks to Bell and Star I came across Mother from Yokoo. It’s a store designed for gardeners (what a beautiful idea). I love the plain pilgrim feel of these dresses and aprons – the perfect wear for a lazy Sunday on the homestead.  And the pattern styling reminds me of that wonderful scene in Garden state. Pattern on pattern on pattern.

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a peek inside: designer Stine A. Johansen apartment

I wish I had the discipline to restrain my use of color to pops. Our house is a color explosion. But if I did have the discipline it would look like this.

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mrs print’s picks: sweater slippers

This idea brings together so many of my favorite things, slippers, cozy sweaters, felt and re-purposing something old. If you’re favorite sweater gets a hole in it or shrinks in the wash just send it along to Wooly Baby and they will transform it into toasty slippers. My old man’s Christmas pressie: done. Via Fine.

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