mrs print’s picks: hvass & hannibal

A big punch of color & cuteness from Copenhagen based studio Hvass & Hannibal. Those crafty Danes do it again. It’s all for sale here.

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mrs print’s picks: nikki couppee

So good things can come of being locked out. I am enjoying a glass of IPA and a vegan pretzel plate (how very Portland) at the Sweet Hereafter. And while enjoying the wi-fi facilities (to add to my current hipster vibe) I discovered this wonderful collection of jewelry from recent graduate Nikki Couppe.  This lady makes me want to create a jewelry graveyard just so it can all be reborn as one of these wonderful, vibrant pieces. Find out more about her here. And shop Estsy here.

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a peek inside: petit collage

I have a soft spot for cool tape. Just spend some pocket money on these beauties from designer Lorena Siminovich’s gorgeous boutique Petit Collage. Shoppin’ around I also found these striking collages on wood (definitely going to steal that idea at some point), cheery wall decals and of course an irresistible print of a cuppa. I discovered Lorena via Uppercase Magazine and Uppercase Magazine via my friend Britton who told me that everything in Uppercase Magazine was not for him but definitely for me. How right you were Britton.

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my favorite pins: ooh that’s crafty


This board is essentially a collection of ideas that I want to steal: beautiful, crafty things that can be (fairly) easily recreated. I actually made two of these things this year (the animal hooks and the triangle scarf) so feeling pretty proud of myself. Looking forward to another year of stealing in 2013.

1. Via pinterest (original source unknown, anyone?)

2. Felted ornaments for anytime of the year, well according to me anyway. (Purl Soho)

3. My favorite knitting site of the year (The Knit Kid). Trying to recreate this beauty right now.

4. Chilean artist Jose Romussi

5. Exile necklace by Julie Thevenot.

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my favorite pins: mrs loves this print

It’s so easy to overlook the gems discovered on pinterest. I find myself “pinning” so quickly that what I am actually pinning gets too quickly overlooked. So I decided to pick my favorites from my boards. First up are my favorite prints – my absolute favorite of which is the egg-cup felt piece (the image is a little fuzzy – so its inclusion is a testament to just how much I love this).

From the top:

1. Barbara Bernrieder (Title Unknown)

2. Rachel Castle, 24 Egg Cups

3. Rachel Castle, The Lovers

4.  Alex Fuller, The Incredible Journey

5. Sabine Finkenauer, Exterior

6. Design Inspiration (original source unknown)

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mrs print’s picks: mina perhonen

I have just discovered Mina Perhonen - a Japanese brand inspired by Finish culture. There are so many things that I love about their designs; the unusual tights, the perfect amount of pattern clash, cheeky accessories and the classic, flat, patent pump. Mina Perhonen prides itself on creations that stand the test of time, that by-pass the fickle world of fashion. I couldn’t agree more with that philosophy. It’s one of the many things I am enjoying about no longer living in a big city – feeling less of a slave to the endless churn of cool. The fashion pressure is off in Portland. I have no idea of what’s in or out so I can simply devote myself to what I like – regardless of the year in which it was bought. Now I just need to get to Tokyo to get my hands on these goods.

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portland living: i just bought this painting

It’s by Lucia Johnson and yes, it does have a bird on it.

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smile pile: daily dishonesty

Lovely little lies from a hungry graphic designer Great idea to showcase work and you can even lie to her right here. My lie: “when you think about price per wear, it’s really a bargain”.

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smile pile: hanna kim

I can’t tell you how much I love this. Just a feeling by korean artist Hanna Kim via  iiiinspired.

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mrs print’s picks: polly & kaoru

Polly George and Kaoru are two wonderful ladies that I met during my time working in Shoreditch. Together they run the treasure trove of goodies – Luna & Curious – but they are also both impressive ceramists in their own right. Polly’s butterfly range is simple and surprising all wrapped up in one and the idea for a cake stand built out of cups and saucers is just genius. (I am already thinking of a cup + saucer + superglue extravaganza). Kaoru always delivers a fresh take on British classics. I want my breakfast on that stripe explosion.

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